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Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports

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Open Trailer – Enclosed Trailer and Luxury Transports
Long Distance Transports

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Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports
Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports

Open Transport

the most affordable car transport

Transporting vehicles using open-air trailers is a popular and affordable way to move them over long distances. Open-air trailers are large, flatbed trailers designed to carry multiple vehicles at once. Car dealerships, auto manufacturers, and individuals who need to transport their vehicles across the country often use these standard trailers.

Pros and Cons of Open Transport

Pros- Cheapest transport method. Approximately 90% of all automobile transports are on open transport trailers. This means that open-air transport trailers are typically faster and easier to schedule, making the whole process more efficient. Additionally, open transport trailers tend to be more cost-effective, allowing customers to save money on their vehicle transportation needs.

However, there are some cons to consider when opting for open transport trailers. One major drawback is that your vehicle is continuously exposed to the environment throughout the journey. This increased exposure significantly raises the potential for damage, especially if you’re transporting your vehicle over long distances or through harsh weather conditions. The lack of enclosure also means that your vehicle is more susceptible to dirt, dust, and debris, which can accumulate on its exterior.

Another disadvantage of open transport trailers is the reduced level of security they offer compared to enclosed transport options. While reputable transport companies take measures to secure vehicles on open trailers, there is still a higher risk of theft or vandalism compared to enclosed trailers. This is particularly important to consider if you’re transporting a valuable or luxury vehicle that requires extra protection.

Open transport trailers offer a cost-effective and efficient method of vehicle transportation. However, it’s crucial to weigh the potential risks of exposure to the elements and reduced security when deciding whether this option is suitable for your specific needs.

Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports

Luxury No Touch

“The Best Of Vehicle Transport”

Premium Enclosed Trailer

Safely transport your most valuable luxury vehicles

Enclosed Transport

Standard Enclosed Transport features a trailer that is fully enclosed that provides superior protection and security for your vehicle.

Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports

Pros and Cons of Enclosed Transport

At Diamond Auto Logistics, we provide a full range of specialized vehicle shipping services to meet any need or budget. Our comprehensive auto transport solutions ensure your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle arrives safely at its destination – whether moving across town or relocating nationwide.

Open Auto Transport

Our open carrier transport service is the most economical option for shipping standard vehicles like sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Your automobile is securely loaded onto an open truck trailer along with several other vehicles and transported by one of our licensed and insured auto haulers. Enclosed Auto Carriers For maximum protection, choose our enclosed auto transport option.

Your vehicle is safely stowed inside a specialized covered trailer, shielding it from potential hazards like road debris, harsh weather elements, and preventable dings or dents during shipment.

Exotic/Luxury Vehicle Shipping Own a high-value exotic, luxury, or classic vehicle?

Diamond Auto Logistics offers premium white-glove shipping services with enclosed auto carriers and no-touch delivery. We take every precaution to preserve your prized automobile’s pristine condition. Door-to-Door Auto Shipping Skip the hassle of going out of your way to drop off or pick up your vehicle for shipment. With Diamond’s convenient door-to-door auto transport service, we come directly to your specified residential or business location to safely load and unload your car or truck.

Expedited Auto Shipping In a hurry?

Our expedited shipping ensures your vehicle is picked up and delivered as quickly as possible via our fastest auto transport routes. Perfect for time-sensitive moves or situations requiring guaranteed fast delivery. Experience the Diamond difference in auto shipping services by requesting a free, easy quote online or calling 619-937-8900 today!

Pros- Enclosed trailers offer superior protection and security for luxury or antique vehicles, shielding them from harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, and hail. Additionally, they provide a reliable barrier against road debris, preventing any potential damage to the vehicle’s exterior. The enclosed design ensures that the vehicle remains in pristine condition throughout the transportation process, giving owners peace of mind.

Cons- However, it is important to note that enclosed transport tends to be pricier compared to other transportation options. The added level of protection and security comes at a higher cost, which may not be feasible for everyone. Additionally, due to the limited availability of enclosed trailers, there may be longer delivery times and scheduling constraints. This can be a drawback for those who require a quick and efficient transportation service.

Despite these drawbacks, many vehicle owners opt for enclosed trailers due to the unparalleled level of protection they offer. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable vehicle is shielded from external elements and potential damage is often worth the additional cost and longer delivery times. Ultimately, the decision to choose enclosed transport depends on the individual’s priorities and budget.

Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports
Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports
Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports
Standard Open Trailer, Enclosed and No Touch Car Transports
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